Bike Hub – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the entrance?

The sidewalk entrance is on the north side of the Mobility Center, located on Peabody Place just north of Main Street.  


What are the hours of operation?

Members can use the Bike Hub 24/7 with their access card. 


What is the Bike Hub, and who can use it?

The Bike Hub is a secure-access bike parking station for anyone to use. Members include people who commute to Downtown by bike or who live nearby and need additional space to store their bike. When you register as a member, you can store your registered bike(s) and helmet at the Hub.


Am I able to leave my bike at the Hub overnight?

Yes. You can store your bike whenever you are not riding it! All bikes must be locked to the bike racks with your personal bike lock.  


Am I able to leave my belongings or backpack in the Bike Hub?

No, all personal items other than a locked bicycle and helmet (attached to the bike) must be taken with you when you leave the Hub. 


What should I do if there is an abandoned bike in the Bike Hub?

Any abandoned bikes will be tagged for removal and left at the Hub for two weeks, so the owner has a chance to take the bike home or fix it. After a two-week period, the bike will be removed and stored off-site. A bike may be tagged if it hasn’t been moved in three months or is in a state of disrepair that makes it unrideable. 


Can I let my friends use the Bike Hub?

Only members can use the station. It is a violation of the membership agreement to allow anyone else to enter the Bike Hub with you if they are not a member. Violation of the membership agreement can forfeit your membership without a refund. 


How do I get access?

Fill out the sign-up form online at the Downtown Memphis Commission website. Once your form is processed, you can pick up your access card at the DMC during business hours. 


My access card isn’t working, or I lost my card – what do I do?

If your card isn’t working, contact the Bike Hub at or call (901) 575-0555 for help. Lost cards can be replaced for a $10 replacement fee. 


Is there a membership fee?

Yes, annual membership is $20 for each calendar year (January – December). Payment is accepted on the Downtown Commission (DMC) website or in person at the DMC office. All major credit cards, Venmo, cash, and checks are accepted.


Who manages the Bike Hub?

The Downtown Memphis Commission manages the Bike Hub. The DMC is located at 114 N. Main Street. Contact Lauren Bermudez at for more information.


Who can I contact for help and after-hours help?

Contact Premium Parking at 844-236-2011 during daytime hours, M-F 8a-5pm; after those hours, please contact the Blue Suede Brigade hotline at (901) 281-9146 for help with any non-emergency. For emergencies, call 911.