Small and locally owned businesses are facing numerous challenges related to the current COVID-disruption, including much lower foot-traffic than before March 2020, as many of our large employers’ return-to-work plans have been slowed or delayed. This reduction in daytime population creates a need for new customer-acquisition strategies, and in some cases, diversifying or re-structuring product/service scope.

Marketing Micro-Grant

The Downtown Marketing Micro-Grant is designed to assist small and locally-owned Downtown businesses in the retail, food, and beverage, and service sectors, with customer-acquisition and new-segment marketing strategies.

The Micro-Grant amounts are limited to $1,600 for each business. Up to $1,000 for implementation or improvement of an e-commerce platform or online store; and up to $1,000 for implementation of up to 6 months of social media marketing (social boost), with a cap at $600 for businesses also applying for the e-commerce support.

Grant funding is limited, the application process opens August 19, 2020, and will close when the grant funds are depleted.

Marketing Micro-Grant Application MaterialsMarketing Micro-Grant Online Application

Downtown Business Continuity Forgivable Loan

The Downtown Business Continuity – Forgivable Loan Program (Program) was designed to assist eligible businesses  in serious jeopardy of permanent closure due solely to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic impacts.

The Program provided direct financial assistance to existing, locally-owned, eligible businesses, with a preference for ground-floor businesses operating continuously within the Central Business Improvement District (CBID map). See application for full details and requirements. Forgivable loan amounts up to $20,000.

Loan funding is currently depleted.

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