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Downtown Mural Guide

Use this guide to take a walking-tour of some of our most beloved Downtown Murals! Find your favorites or just find a place for your next Instagram post! See below for descriptions and more info!

The Core District

A Day in the Life Mural

"A Day in the Life Mural" by Assasin Duo at Main and Barboro Alley

The Core District

A Note For Hope

Jeff Zimmermann, assisted by Rhodes College students and CODA staff, painted an original, five-story high mural on the east side of the vacant building located at 195 Madison Avenue. Owned by Rhodes trustee Wilton “Chick” Hill, the mural is visible from the stands of the Memphis Redbirds stadium" (Urban Art Commision).

Artery 2.0

Alebrijes Mural

This bright mural series features alebrijes— brightly colored Mexican folk art depictions of fantastical creatures— created by local artist Yancy Villa-Calvo in collaboration with Jason Miller

The Core District

Always On

Pablo Espinosa is an award-winning visual artist, designer, and citizen of the world. Born in Mexico City, he has lived and worked in New Zealand and Japan and has been involved in projects on five continents. His work has been seen in advertising campaigns, journalism websites, street posters and galleries.
He sought to create a bold piece of artwork that felt modern but also stood the test of time. At the center of his concept is the undying spirit of youth transcending generations: a curious, awake mind, a wild quest for pleasure and an intoxicating freedom that comes from within.
Once he decided to highlight these qualities the rest came naturally. A chaotic cloud of color, heat and flash, where seemingly random and magical elements coexist in perfect harmony, connecting the three characters, each a proxy for the aforementioned spirit of youth.
Located at the Moxy Hotel on Main Street
Instagram/twitter @suga_cyan

Beale Street

American Flag Mural

This mural of the American Flag can be seen from the corner of S 4th Street and Beale Street on the side of the 340 Beale Street building.

North District

An Afternoon In Uptown

An Afternoon in Uptown Memphis" was designed by Uptown native and 18-year resident Carl Scott. Carl handpicked a few local landmarks to illustrate Uptown’s progress of old and new neighborhood establishments (Urban Art Commision).

Located on Mill and N 3rd St on the side wall of Roxie's Grocery
(520 N 3rd St, Memphis, TN 38105).

The Core District

Bird Cap Phone Box

Created in 2015, this mural is located close to Jefferson Ave on N Main St.

The South District

Brandon Marshall Murals at Indigo Hotel

At Hotel Indigo

The South District

Carolina Underpass Murals

These murals of historic downtown Memphis locations can be found on Florida St. beneath the underpass close to Loflin Yard (7 W Carolina Ave, Memphis, TN 38103).

Beale Street

Choose 901 Mural

The Choose 901 Mural faces the Fedex Forum (191 Beale St, Memphis, TN, 38103) on S B.B. King Blvd behind Dyer's Burgers.

The Edge / Medical District


The work in the Edge is overhead, underfoot and omni-present as it pays homage to the neighborhood's past while serving as creative placemaking for the future.
- "There's More to be Proud Of" by Cat Pena is not currently on exhibit but hangs in the space above the most prominent intersection
**New Attraction Coming Soon
- Cedar Nordbye's "Maker's Walk" is literally carved into stone markers in the sidewalks
- Anthony Lee and Kirsten Williams' ultra hip auto murals decorate garage doors
- Lester Merriweather's racing stripes mural creates an east-facing welcome to the neighborhood.

North District


A mural painted by Brandon Marshall can be found on N 3rd Street and Greenlaw Ave On the side wall of Grace Church Memphis (190 Mill Ave, Memphis, TN 38105).

Artery 2.0

Disco Alley Window Light Boxes and Love Love

By A&M Creative, this work aims to tell the history of Raiford’s Disco aligned with the larger history of disco, depicting Robert Raiford as a folk hero of the discotheque movement. The light boxes create a disco pattern in the existing windows of Floyd Alley.

The South District

Egypt Mural

This mural uses images inspired from Memphis, Eygpt and Memphis, Tennessee. The artist is unknown and it can be found next to the squirrel and raccoon grafitti on the corner of Talbot and S. Main St.

Artery 2.0

Freedom From Want!

Freedom from Want!" by Carl E. Moore is a contemporary surreal image for one’s desire to live without the want for food or Shelter. We live in a country where we waste food on a massive scale. We throw away things that can still be used to fulfill the want for a newer model. We live in spaces that are sometimes 50 to 100% larger than what we need, yet there are still people who are homeless. The concept is loosely based on Norman Rockwell’s 4 Freedoms. “Freedom from Fear” is to live without the fear of war, false imprisonment, injustice, racism, lawlessness, and the threat of an unstable government.

The Edge / Medical District

Garden Path Studio Mural

Panited by Gina Sposto, and Austin Swopeis and is located on 597 Madison Ave, Memphis,TN 38103.

Beale Street

Gibson GuitarTown Guitars

Beale Street has its own artistic guitars spread out along the street thanks to Gibson GuitarTown.  Each one is painted by a Memphis artist and signed by a Memphis celebrity to celebrate the unique art and music contributions in the city.
Snap a photo with one of the 20 different giant guitar sculptures spread out around Beale Street at B.B. King’s, Silky O’Sullivan’s or other bars/restaurants on America’s Most Iconic Street.

The South District

Happy Mexican Mural

Reminiscent of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” this mural on a side wall of the Happy Mexican Downtown reimagines the famous painting in the Mexican desert (385 S 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103).

Artery 2.0

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Jamond Bullock reimagines the classic “See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil” phrase in this piece. This mural is located at the Bon Ton Cafe fence in the Maggie H. Isabel Alley.

The Core District

High Cotton

Look up! You can get a view of this mural from the intersection of Madison Ave and S Main Street.

The South District

History of Civil Rights in Memphis

Created by Micheal Roy and concept design my Derrick Dent. This mural can be found on the corner of MLK and South Main St on the MLGW Downtown Community Office building. You can learn more about the details and story behind the mural in this ILoveMemphisBlog article.

The South District

Hope Will Lead Us There

The "Hope Will Lead Us There" Mural by Erin Williams is behind Street Ministries Downtown at E Pontotoc Ave and Turley St.

The South District

I Am A Man Mural

This mural was created by Marcellous Lovelace with BLK75. This mural was inspired by the “I am a Man” march that took place on South Main. The piece is part of the South Main Mosaic ArtWalk.

It is located on South Main st. close to Huling near 398 S Main St in Downtown Memphis.

North District

I Am Free Mural

Uptown's cool paint drop mural was done by Erin Miller Williams, the same artist who painted the "Hope Will Lead Us Through" mural by Streets Ministries.
It's located at the corner of Second Street and Mill Avenue.

Beale Street

I Love Memphis Mural

This I Love Memphis Mural can be found on Handy Circle on the side wall of Wet Willies (209 Beale St, Memphis, TN 38103).

The South District


This mural was created by Lance Turner of the grunge musician Jimmy Lindsey ( known as Jay Reatard) who passed away at age 29. The out of focus pixilation depicts a memory that is simultaneously fading away and becoming legendary. It was created as part of the Downtown Memphis Commission's Mosaic Project, Oct 3rd, 2014.This mural can be found at the intersection of Vance Ave and S. Main St. on the Chapman Furniture building.

North District

Living In Community

This mural was painted by Charlie Forrester. "Charlie’s design shows his interest in creating beauty and creativity in the streets of Memphis, while demonstrating how artwork can communicate a distinct soul of Memphis’ family roots" (Urban Art Commission). It can be found on the corner of Mill and North 5th street on the side wall of Brian's Grocery (533 N 5th St, Memphis, TN 38105).

The South District

Lucky Heart Mural

The Lucky Heart mural was once the sign for the Lucky Heart store which was one of the oldest African-American beauty supply stores. The Store has since moved but the Lucky Heart mural is still there located at Hueling and South Main Street on the side wall of 409 S Main.

The Core District

Madison Ave Trolley

This mosaic is inspired by downtown life was created by Cynthia Metcalf, Jeanne Seagle, and Lea Holland. It is located on the ground of the trolley platform on Madison Ave close to Stadium Ct.

The Edge / Medical District

Marshall Arts + Edge Garage Doors

The murals on the entrance of the gallery Marshall Arts were painted by Michael Roy and is located at 639 Marshall Ave, Memphis, TN 38103. You'll find several garage doors with murals highlighting the history of the automotive industry in the neighborhood. Thanks to Anthony Lee and Kiersten Williams, you can find these murals throughout The Edge with various color palettes.

Artery 2.0

Meandering Mississippi Railing

This railing mural pays homage to the Mighty Mississippi.  The Mississippi river begins in Minnesota and the mouth of the Mississippi is located at the Gulf of Mexico. It spans almost the whole height of the United States of America: 2,348 miles. Imagining lines of movement upon this railing inspired the artist to visualize water flowing -not just any water, but the Mississippi River. Because the Mississippi meanders so much, that inspired her to take her signature lines and wrap them around these very long railings, representing the meandering attributes of our Mississippi River. The surrounding abstract textures are akin to the sometimes choppy waves. Mural by Darlene Newman and Angela Myers.

Mobility Center

16 Artists Represented throughout this 7-story parking and mobililty facililty. See more here

Ground Floor: Eso Tolson
Mural Title: “YOU IN MEMPHIS MANE, WELCOME” @coolurbanhippie

2nd or Ground Floor: Carl E Moore
Mural Title: “THE CITY” @Carle.moore

3rd Floor: Maritza Davila
Mural Title: “SOUL OF A CITY” @AtabeiraPress

4th Floor: Jamie Harmon
Mural Title: “BOOMBOX” @amuricaphoto

5th Floor: Khara Woods
Mural Title: “FACETS” @Khara0ke_Studio

6th Floor: Erin Harmon
Mural Title: “UNTITLED” @erinjoyharmon

7th Floor: Beth Edwards
Mural Title: “GARDEN IX” @beth_edwardspainting

Elevator Art
@rawpixelgirl @walkingmemphis 
@thecamilladel @stephanie._.parsons

Bike Hub Art
Toonky - Mural Title: Untitled @toonky_berry

Artery 2.0


The "Mockingbird" mural by Melissa Wilkinson’s design incorporates a vibrant, multi-tonal abstract sky-scape featuring the Northern Mockingbird, a bird native to Tennessee and known for its range of vocal abilities. Humble in beauty but always a prominent personality, it depicts a diversity and range in song that serves an embodiment of the collective Tennessee persona.
Located in Escape Alley

The South District

Modern Hieroglyphs

The "Modern Hieroglyphs" mural by Anthony Lee was awarded the American’s for the Arts Public Art Year in Review Award in 2009. It is located across from Cross Fit Hit And Run (574 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103) and spans down South Main Street.

The Edge / Medical District

Otis Redding

The Otis Redding Mural is located on 655 Marshall Ave, Memphis, TN 38103.

The Core District


Artist Greely Myatt was commissioned to produce a decorative screen for the plaza at Memphis City Hall. Composed of recycled street signs, Myatt drew on his upbringing in the coutryside of Mississippi for inspiration" (Urban Art Comission)

The Core District

Rendevous Alley Mural

This mural by Brandon Marshall is located across from the entrance of the Rendevous – 52 S 2nd St in Downtown Memphis.

The Edge / Medical District

St. Blues

The I Love Memphis Mural "St. Blues" by Brandon Marshall Is locate in the parking lot next to Saint Blues Guitar Workshop (645 Marshall Ave, Memphis, TN 38103).

The South District

Star Kids Mural

This Mural was created by Vitus Shell in 2015 as part of the Public/Art/ists show series.  It can be found at 455 S. Front Street.

Artery 2.0

Stereo to Escape Mural

Lance Turner

The Core District

Sterick Murals

Painted on the sides of the abandoned Sterick Building, these works brought new life to the old building. Creators Kyle Taylor, Brandon Donahue, and Brandon Marshall were inspired by the work, the big ideas, the soulful struggles, and the elbow grease that has made, and is making, Memphis what it is.
Photos from Camels and Chocolate blog
These can be located on Madison Ave and N B.B. King Blvd.

The South District

Taking Care of Business

Created by a group of students under the supervision of celebrated local artist George Hunt, "Taking Care of Business" was one in a series of murals created around the city during 1983.  It is one of only two murals remaining from this project. This mural is located on S. Main St. and E. Pontotoc Ave. (approximately 102 E. Pontotoc)

The South District

That's How Strong My Love Is Mural

This mural painted by Kyle Taylor in 2014 and can be found at 360 South Third Street.

The Core District

The Artery Murals in Barboro Alley

The Artery in Barboro Alley (east and west of Main) showcases work from: Christopher Reyes and Michael Roy (a.k.a. Ninjacat + Birdcap), Emily Miller, Lawrence Matthews, Marcellous Lovelace, Joseph Boyd, Jamond Bullock, Eszster Sziksz and Stephanie Cosby.

Be sure to visit at night so you can see the Ninjacat + Birdcap work in full-effect!

Beale Street

The Beale Street Wings

Beale's newest mural gives you wings and is a perfect photo-op on America's most iconic street. The mural is located right next to Tin Roof (315 Beale Street).

The South District

The Memphis Poetry Panels

Along a 48-foot stretch of South Main, eight popular song lyrics about Memphis are stenciled in white on a bright red background. Renowed musicians with a history in Memphis share their passion about the city, among them such notables as Roy Acuff, Big Bill Broonzy, Jerry Lee Lewis, Junior Parker and Rufus Thomas" (Urban Art Comission).

The Edge / Medical District

The Millennium Wall

This Millennium Media Label "M" mural can be found at 317 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38103 from the side parking lot where Madison Ave splits.

North District

The Pinch District Mural

This mural painted by Amy Beth Rice is located on the side of the Carriage Tours of Memphis Building (393 Main St., Memphis, TN 38103).

The South District

The Untitled Train Mural

Created by Brandon Marshall (mural) and Kenny Hayes (sculpture, assemblage) this piece pays tribute to South Main as Memphis' railroad hub. The piece is part of the South Main Mosaic ArtWalk. It can be found on the wall next to Cafe Pontotoc (314 S Main St, Memphis, TN 38103).

The South District

U Rock Memphis Mural

Can you spot all the icons who helped make Memphis rock? Check out this mural on the backside of the URock Photography building to find out.

The “U Rock Memphis” mural is located on the backside of the URock Photography building, facing the National Civil Rights Museum off Mulberry St. (136 GE Patterson Ave, Memphis, TN 38103)

The Core District

Untitled Phone Box Mural

"Untitled" can be found at Main and Union

The South District

Upstanders Mural (Facing History and Ourselves)

These extraordinary Memphians embraced the challenge to speak out, stand up for others, and make decisions that have helped to create a more inclusive, just, and compassionate Memphis. Located at 115 Huling Avenue (near the National Civil Rights Musuem), this mual was created by artists: by artists Nelson Gutierrez, a Bogota, Columbia native who now works out of Memphis, and Cedar Nordbye, an associate professor at the University of Memphis and founder of the Memphis Mural Brigade.

The mural was a collaborated effort between the UrbanArt Commission, National Civil Rights Museum and Downtown Memphis Commission.

Artery 2.0

Utility Box - Carl Scott

Utility Box by Carl Scott in the Maggie H. Isabel Alley uses geometric patterns and musical themes to create a pop of color along this neutral wall and transform a utility box into a piece of public art

North District

Working Hard

This mural is located at N 5th Street and Bethel Ave on the side wall of The Bake Shop (258 Bethel Ave, Memphis, TN 38107).

The Core District

Yo, Birdcap Phone Box Mural

"Yo, BirdCap" by @Nosey42 (a.k.a. Brandon Marshall) is located on South Main Street across from Aldo’s Pizza at Main and Madison