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Central Business Improvement District

A business improvement district, or BID, is an area of significant commercial activity designated to receive improvements, projects, and management services. As the regional center for culture, business, and medicine, Memphis’ Central Business Improvement District (CBID) was established as an area that required special redevelopment attention in order to ensure the economic growth and vitality of the entire community. Throughout this site, we use CBID and Downtown Memphis interchangeably.

The CBID is funded through a special assessment on commercial property within the district. Using funds from this assessment, the Downtown Memphis Commission (DMC) focuses on the day-to-day work of creating and maintaining a vibrant, thriving Downtown by providing services such as development assistance, maintenance, hospitality, place-making, events programming, information sharing, marketing, and policy advocacy.

Through our investment in Downtown development, infrastructure, vibrancy, and activation, we are creating a stronger Downtown Memphis—a Downtown for everyone.

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