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Building & Sign Guidelines

Design Guidelines

The Design Guidelines provide design standards to ensure compatible development and redevelopment within the Central Business Improvement District (CBID). The guidelines regulate the rehabilitation of buildings and set forth standards for new construction and streetscape improvements.

All public projects or private projects involving public funds in the CBID must meet the intent and standards contained within these guidelines. In addition, these guidelines shall regulate any improvements within the public right-of-way, such as streetscape improvements as well as all signage, whether public or private.

Downtown Sign Code

By ordinance, businesses within the Central Business Improvement District must adhere to a Sign Code. With very few exceptions, Downtown Memphis Commission Design Review Board (DRB) must approve all signs and banners that are placed for the view of the general public in Downtown Memphis. This includes both permanent and temporary signs and banners. DRB approval is required prior to the sign or banner being installed. Failure to receive proper approval may result in the removal of the sign or citations and fines.

Building and Sign Design Resources

Review Design Guidelines

Review Sign Code

Design Review Board Process and Application

Design Review Board