Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Mask Ordinance

On June 16, 2020, the Memphis City Council passed a Face Mask/Covering Ordinance for the City of Memphis requiring face masks/coverings to be worn in public places. The following points outline the major pieces of this legislation. Everyone over the age of 2 years old is required to wear a face mask in public. Shelby County Ordinance.

Masks are required except in the following circumstances:

  • Eating at a restaurant or bar
  • in a place of worship
  • within someone’s own motor vehicle
  • when exercising, unless it is impossible to maintain six feet of social distance
  • when wearing a mask would be deemed a “security risk,” which includes operating heavy machinery, work that requires heavy exertion or where communication is essential or someone needs to be able to easily identify their employees
  • within any educational institution
  • within one’s residence
  • when someone can’t medically tolerate a face-covering
  • and when in a building owned by the state of Tennessee or U.S. government
Additional Recovery/Aid Programs: Applications and Assistance

Support Local Businesses –  Downtown Business Directory

Business operations and hours may not correspond with the Shelby County plan. We are working to help create an updated directory, but recommend contacting businesses directly for current status.

Downtown Business Directory

Marketing Micro-Grant – Applications Closed

The Downtown Marketing Micro-Grant is designed to assist small and locally-owned Downtown businesses in the retail, food, and beverage, and service sectors, with customer-acquisition and new-segment marketing strategies.

The Micro-Grant amounts are limited to $1,600 for each business. Up to $1,000 for implementation or improvement of an e-commerce platform or online store; and up to $1,000 for implementation of up to 6 months of social media marketing (social boost), with a cap at $600 for businesses also applying for the e-commerce support.

Grant funding is limited, the application process opens August 19, 2020, and will close when the grant funds are depleted.

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Dine Out Downtown – Temporary Outdoor Dining Policy

This policy is intended to be in effect until December 31, 2020 and is needed to provide vital support to businesses that have experienced a drastic decline in customers and income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

See full policy and apply

Downtown Business Continuity Forgivable Loan – Applications Closed

The Downtown Business Continuity – Forgivable Loan Program (Program) is designed to assist eligible businesses that are in serious jeopardy of permanent closure due solely to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic impacts.

The Program will provide direct financial assistance to existing, locally-owned, eligible businesses, with a preference for ground-floor businesses operating continuously within the Central Business Improvement District (CBID map). See application for full details and requirements. Forgivable loan amounts up to $20,000.

We are currently NOT ACCEPTING any additional applications.

Forgivable Loan Updates

Give YOUR Feedback

Downtown Memphis – Business Operations Survey

DOWNTOWN BUSINESS OWNERS: Help us capture critical information about the impact of the current public health crisis on businesses in the Greater Memphis region. It is important to understand how the public health crisis is impacting local businesses.

Greater Memphis COVID-19 Business Impact Survey

The findings of this survey will be used to guide policy and program decisions to help minimize the impact of closures and business disruption due to COVID-19. This survey will take two minutes to complete and will be re-run weekly to capture the most accurate picture of the local economy and the needs of area businesses. Take the UPDATED Chamber survey.

Education Opportunities

Southwest Tennessee Community College is offering educational opportunities to help individuals who have either lost a job, are looking to change careers or may see this time as an opportune time to upskill!

Microsoft Excel

From beginner to advanced, Southwest Workforce & Community Solutions offers a variety of online courses for Microsoft Excel. Learn to create high-quality reports that equate to more productivity in all areas!

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Certified Project Manager

Gain an edge between good and great project management! Our online project management courses help you gain the skills you need to successfully manage and deliver projects. Learn what you need to remain adaptable during unpredictable times.

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IT Certifications

IT certifications are in demand and offer job security! Whether you are currently working in the IT industry and looking to upskill or would like to enter the field, we have a course to suit your needs.

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How to Help Those in Need

You can still Order Take-Out from your local restaurants – learn more pick-up/take-out & delivery options and what we are doing to help here. See a full list of OPEN Downtown Dining Options here.