Downtown Diversity Outreach

To ensure that our Downtown is reflective of who we are as a community, Downtown Memphis Commission implements an aggressive diversity outreach program to engage people of all races and sexes in development projects and to recruit more diverse businesses to Downtown.

As such, the DMC’s program ensures that Downtown development projects receiving our financial incentives adhere to a best-faith effort to achieve at least 25% minority participation level.

Downtown Memphis Commission’s Diversity Outreach program includes educational components, hands-on training for aspiring developers, and valuable connections with experienced developers.

Downtown Memphis Commission EBO ProgramCity of Memphis: Certified MWBE Vendor Registry

Diversity Report – Q4/FY19

MWBE Classification Expenditures
(30% of major projects since tracking began in 2010)

Significant Completed Projects

Projects Under Construction

Projects in Pipeline Detail

MWBE: Project Breakdown

Review of most recent update of inclusion levels, and status of development projects and expenditures since EBO tracking began in 2005:

  • Completed Development Projects – 30%
  • Retail and Office Projects – 28%
  • Certification & Diversity Status

Other efforts and highlights included (but were not limited to):

  • DMC Expenditures for FY2019 – 29%

DMC Expenditures for FY2020 to date – 44%

  • Conducted strategic planning meetings with Office of Business Diversity &

Compliance, MAMCA, City and County as well as developers to maximize inclusion in DMC-incented projects; held EBO Mixer

Contact Jaske Goff, Vice President of Operations, or call 901.575.0582 for more information.