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Your Life is a Movie!

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SMS Novel turns your three most important choices from your life into a personalized interactive film. This live, narrated experience features you, your family, or your friends as the main characters. No acting skills or memorization are required. Filmed entirely by drone cameras, with dramatic narration voiceover.

How It Works:

1. Sign Up and Share Your Story:

- Register for this unique opportunity and fill out a form detailing the three most impactful choices of your life. Your narrative will become the heart of our interactive film.

2. Receive Wardrobe and Schedule:

- Once registered, you'll receive a wardrobe guide and a personalized schedule for the filming day.

3. Meet with the Filmmaker/Drone Pilot:

- Engage with our experienced filmmaker and drone pilot to discuss set locations, ensuring your story comes to life in the captivating backdrop of Atlanta.

4. Record Your Story:

- Spend an hour sharing your experiences and choices. Our team will capture the essence of your journey using cinematic drone footage for a truly immersive effect.

5. Swift Editing and Release:

- Within seven days, your 20-minute film will be professionally edited, incorporating cinematic visuals and your voiceover, ready for sale through SMS Novel.

6. Royalties and Recognition:

- Receive a $5 royalty for every film sold. Your story will be shared with audiences, providing an opportunity to inspire others through your unique narrative.

Important Information:

Sample Film:

See a sample of our previous interactive film, "God is Real," at [SMS Novel Films](

Film Example - "Crossroads in the City":

Scene 1: Protagonist's Early Years in Atlanta

- Witness Sarah's pivotal moment in the heart of Atlanta, where she stands at a crossroads, and you get to decide her path.

Choice 1: Decision in the City of Dreams

- *Option A:* Sarah explores faith in Atlanta's church community, discovering a supportive network and a meaningful relationship.

- *Option B:* Sarah chooses a secular path, leading to unhealthy relationships, dating challenges, and a period of instability.

Scene 2: Midlife Crisis in the Urban Jungle

- Sarah, now in her 30s, faces critical moments within Atlanta's bustling environment.

Choice 2: Coping Mechanisms in the Heart of the City

- *Option A:* Sarah turns to faith, overcoming relationship challenges and finding solace in her beliefs.

- *Option B:* Sarah seeks secular solutions, navigating through a tumultuous relationship, increased drug use, and homelessness.

Scene 3: Late Adulthood Reflections in the Southern City

- Sarah, in her 40s, reflects on her life in the dynamic city of Atlanta.

Choice 3: Legacy and Impact in the Heart of the South

- *Option A:* Sarah becomes a guiding light in the Atlanta faith community, leaving a positive legacy.

- *Option B:* Sarah's secular impact leads to advocacy for those facing homelessness and addiction, becoming a testament to resilience.

At the end of the film, receive an encouraging message about your life, perseverance, and never giving up. Your story matters, and this is your chance to share it in both film and interactive story form.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking cinematic experience! Join us at "Choose Your Own Adventure Movies: Crossroads in the City."