What is BuildDowntown

BuildDowntown is a master plan that is being developed to determine how Downtown Memphis will grow, evolve, and improve over the next 10 years.

What will Downtown Memphis look like in 2030? How can we invest wisely to best serve the needs of not only Downtown residents, but all Memphians and our neighbors across the Mid-South? How do we connect our major assets and increase economic opportunity and diversity?

BuildDowntown is the roadmap for Downtown Memphis to help us to answer these questions. The Downtown Memphis Commission (DMC), in partnership with the Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning and Development, is leading this effort and actively engaging the entire community to develop an inspirational vision for the future of Downtown Memphis. Our intent is to develop a plan that is grounded with practical strategies towards making Downtown Memphis a more livable, walkable, and vibrant urban core for the entire region.

Key focus areas will include:

  • Housing a diverse population
  • Mobility – getting to and traveling within Downtown
  • Job creation and entrepreneurship
  • Safety and place management
  • Parks and public space
  • Filling the spaces in between here and there
  • Culture and entertainment for tourists and residents alike
  • Beautification and civic pride

BuildDowntown Focus Area

The study area is the entire 6.5-square-mile Central Business Improvement District (CBID). The CBID is generally bound by the Wolf River on the north, Crump Boulevard on the south, the Mississippi River on the west, and Danny Thomas Boulevard on the east, with an extension between Poplar Avenue and Dr. M.L. King Boulevard eastward to Watkins Street to include the Medical District.

CBID map

Relationship to Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan

BuildDowntown is being developed concurrently with Memphis 3.0 and will build on the data and groundwork already laid during the citywide planning process. Project staff from both plans communicate and coordinate efforts on a regular basis. BuildDowntown will provide a common understanding of both where Downtown Memphis is today and what it wants to become tomorrow. We aim to have BuildDowntown adopted by the City of Memphis as a sub-component of Memphis 3.0.

Feedback Period Ended July 10, 2020

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