Groove On-Demand.
Park Less. Pay Less. Enjoy More.

Fast, easy, affordable rides around Downtown, the Medical District, South City, and New Chicago.

Groove On-Demand works like a minibus that comes when you want, where you want.
Book a ride straight from your phone, get picked up in minutes, and access all of Downtown, the Medical District, South City, and New Chicago.

Service hours: 6am-10pm – 7 days per week.*

Price: $1.25 per ride**

click map to enlarge

Map shows the entire district, points of interest are only suggested stops. Groove can pick you up and drop you off anywhere within this district.

*Inclement weather may dispute service or cause longer wait times. This will be communicated via the Groove On Demand app.

**See FAQs for more info on additional fare structures. $0.50 for riders with MATA issued senior or disabled ID cards and Shelby County student ID cards. Plus ones (additional riders booking at one time) can be added to bookings for $0.75 each.

How to create an account:

  1. Search “Groove On-Demand” in the App Store or Google Play store and tap the download icon.
  2. Open the app, press Sign Up, and enter your personal info.
  3. Enter your credit or debit card info.

Questions? Get in touch:


Phone: (901) 763-8422

How to book a ride:

  1. Enter your pickup address and press Set Pickup. Hit the + sign if you want to bring extra passengers along!
  2. Enter your dropoff address and press Set Dropoff. 
  3. Choose the trip option that’s best for you, then tap Book Ride.
  4. Follow the dotted line in the app to get to your exact pickup location, which may be a short walk.
  5. We’ll display your driver’s name, vehicle model, and license plate info to help you locate your ride.

Download the Groove On-Demand app from your mobile device to get started:


How to book a ride if you don’t have a bank or bank-issued debit/credit card:

  1. Groove On-Demand can also be accessed with a prepaid debit card.
  2. Ride credit can also be purchased with cash at the Hudson Transit Center customer service desk (444 N. Main Street, Memphis, TN 38105).

We are working on expanding the list of locations where ride credit vouchers will be sold so look out for more options in the future.

You can exchange cash for discounted Groove On-Demand credit (i.e. $6 of Groove On-Demand credit costs only $5 cash) at the Hudson Transit Center location.

The Groove On-Demand credit will be supplied in the form of a unique promo code.For app users, the code should be applied in the promo code section of the app.

For non-app users, call support line (below) to have the code applied.

Once you’ve spent all your Groove On-Demand credit by taking trips with us, you’ll need to return to the Hudson Transit Center to purchase more.

Questions? Get in touch – Email:  | Phone: 901-763-8422

Measures Groove On-Demand is taking to lessen COVID-19 exposure.

Groove On-Demand is working hard to ensure that every trip you take is as safe and worry-free as possible. Here are some of the measures we’ve put in place:

  • Everyone on board is required to wear a face mask or face covering. Passengers not wearing a face mask may be refused service. 
  • In-app wellness checks help make sure passengers and drivers are symptom-free and ready to ride before they get going — please stay home if you have either been diagnosed with COVID-19, think you’re exhibiting symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has recently tested positive.
  • Vehicle capacity is limited to 3 people in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Additionally, in vehicles with automatic doors, please wait for the driver to open and close the door to avoid touching the handles. 
  • Vehicles are being professionally cleaned regularly and we’ve provided drivers with cleaning supplies in order to perform frequent and thorough wipedowns of the vehicle interior, with extra focus on common surfaces and high-contact areas. They’re also equipped with plastic partitions between drivers and riders.
  • See the COVID safety poster here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Zero Tolerance Policy

Groove On-Demand has a strict Zero Tolerance policy. We do not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol by drivers on the Groove On-Demand service platform nor do we tolerate inappropriate behavior by drivers towards passengers. If you believe that your driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, if your driver is behaving in a manner that you consider inappropriate or that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or if your driver engages in conduct which could be considered unlawful or illegal, please ask the driver to terminate the trip immediately. If you feel that you are in imminent danger, please contact the police directly by calling 911. After the ride has concluded, please provide feedback using the Parkville Connect app or email us at to report the issue.


Cigarette policy

Smoking of any kind is prohibited, including e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or smokeless cigarettes.


Eating/drinking policy

We know that you are on the go, but please help us keep our vehicles clean and fresh and avoid bringing food and drink in our cars. Please also be mindful that smelly food can be distracting and unpleasant for your fellow passengers. Drinking alcohol and carrying open containers of alcohol in our vehicles is not allowed.


Phone call policy

Please remember your fellow passengers might not be as interested in your phone conversations. We ask that you limit phone calls to quick logistics and emergencies during shared rides.


Luggage/strollers policy

Groove On-Demand vehicles are a shared space, and as such we ask everyone to limit any personal items to a single piece of luggage or a reasonably-sized bag. 


Pet policy

Service animals are always welcome to ride without restriction. Driver Partners are eager to provide service to riders with service animals. Riders traveling with pets that are not service animals should keep their pets in an airline-approved carrier to use Groove On-Demand.

Age policy

Riders must be 13 years of age or older. Children under the age of 13 can ride with Groove On-Demand when accompanied by a parent or guardian.