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Businesses celebrate as sports fans return to Downtown Memphis

Two Memphis sports teams are expanding capacity during games.

On Monday afternoon, the Redbirds announced full capacity while the Grizzlies increased capacity to 40 percent.

Business owners on Beale Street are excited about this because more fans at games mean more people downtown to celebrate afterwards.

“We have waited months and months and months to hear this kind of news,” said Silky O Sullivan’s owner Joellyn Sullivan.

Sullivan is looking forward to seeing big crowds at Grizzlies and Redbird games.

“All of it means more customers, all of it means more revenue, more people we can employ, and more music we can play,” said Sullivan.

At Redbird games, masks will not be required outside or in suites. They are only required in indoor common areas like bathrooms, the bar and the hallway.

Meanwhile, the Grizzlies will increase capacity to 40 percent for its post-season tournament.

“I’m thinking the Redbirds and the Grizzlies bring in all the local business so maybe we could get them to come to the street,” said A. Schwab manager Teri Cox.

Cox said A. Schwab gets most of its revenue from international business but she expects to see more local and regional customers.

Overall, both owners are excited to see fewer restrictions and more customers downtown.

“When someone comes to visit they’ll bring their friends or family to show,” said Cox.

“Being able to have a little bit more stability in what we can do, being able to say yes a whole lot more than no, we are not used to being the fun police so we are very, very glad,” said Sullivan.

The Redbirds are allowing full capacity at its game on Tuesday night at 6:45 p.m.

On Wednesday, the Grizzlies will have its first game at 40 percent capacity.

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