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39-53 North Third

Category: Projects

39-53 North Third

0 Court Ave
Memphis, TN

Year Opened1982


PILOT Details

LesseeTual and Garrison (Blanchard E. Tual and Grady M. Garrison)
Term15 Years
Close Date3/12/1982 0:00:00
Term Date8/11/1994 0:00:00
Term Mos180.00
Status From DateTerminated
Expected Term Date8/11/1994 0:00:00
Remaining PILOT Years0.00
Pilot Documents
Instrument #T20437
March 12, 1982
Instrument #EP4562
August 11, 1994 - To Blanchard Tual and Dorothy Pounders
Instrument #T20440
March 12, 1982
Instrument #T20441
March 12, 1982