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Autozone Headquarters

Category: Projects

Autozone Headquarters

123 S Front St
Memphis, TN

Office building - corporate headquarters

Property NameAutozone
Project Cost$29,000,000
TypeNew Construction
SF Developed220,692
Office SF220,692
Year Opened1995


PILOT Details

LesseeAutoZone, Inc.
Lessee AddressP.O. Box 2198, Dept. 8700, Memphis, TN 38103, Attn: Chris Bailey
Term25 Years
Close Date9/1/1993 0:00:00
Extension Term Years15
Term Mos300.00
Extension Term Mos180
Status From DateActive
Expected Term Date9/1/2033 0:00:00
Remaining PILOT Years9.18
Pilot Documents
Instrument #FP1941
December 21, 1995 - Second amendment to lease
Instrument #JX9675
June 28, 1999 - Assignment and assumption of lease by AutoZone, Inc.
Instrument #JP3069
August 1, 1999 - Assignment of rents
Instrument #GR4119
May 11, 1997 - Assignment and assumption of lease to AutoZone Management, L.P.
Instrument #EV4511
November 30, 1994 - Lease amendment
Instrument #DW5784
September 1, 1993
Instrument #JA3482
December 30, 1998 - Third amendment to lease