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Gould's Day Spa & Salon Storefront

Category: Projects

Gould's Day Spa & Salon Storefront

77 S Main St
Memphis, TN

Relocate from former location in the basement of the Peabody Hotel to this ground floor space. In addition to a full renovation of the interior, a significant amount of exterior work is needed at this location. Most of the proposed exterior work involves restoring and repairing missing or broken storefront elements.

Project Cost$43,621
DeveloperGould's Salons, Inc
Total MWBE$8,600
EBO Percent CTD1.00
Approval Date2015-11-18
Year Opened2016


CCDC Grant Details

Grant ProgramStorefront Improvement Grant
Grant RecipientGould's Salons, Inc.
Grant Amount$21,810
Grant StatusClosed
Grant Approval DateNovember 18, 2015
Grant Approval Close DateMay 31, 2016
Grant MWBE Est$8,724