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Landry's Seafood House

Category: Projects

Landry's Seafood House

263 Wagner Pl
Memphis, TN

Property NameCarlisle Offices
DistrictSouth CBID
Year Opened1982


PILOT Details

LesseeLandry's Seafood House - Memphis, Inc
Term25 Years
Close Date12/29/1981 0:00:00
Term Date1/20/2004 0:00:00
Term Mos300.00
Status From DateTerminated
Expected Term Date1/20/2004 0:00:00
Remaining PILOT Years0.00
Pilot Documents
Instrument #EB5997
October 1, 1985 - Memorandum of lease, sublease from Beale Street Landing to Number One Beale Street, Inc.
Instrument #EB7172
November 15, 1993 - Assignment and assumption agreement
Instrument #04011935
January 20, 2004 - Trustee's Deed to Carlisle Landing, LLC
Instrument #JU3475
September 30, 1999 - Assignment of leases, rents and income to U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Instrument #T12772
December 29, 1981
Instrument #EB8309
December 20, 1993 - Re-recording of EB5997