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Loflin Yard

Category: Projects

Loflin Yard

717 Florida St
Memphis, TN

Renovation of former Key Shop into a bar and light restaurant, and former barn into an event space. Between the barn and the Key Shop will be a landscaped and manicured yard. Customers of the business will be able to utilize the 10,000 sq. ft. outdoor yard for activities and games.

Property NameLoflin Yard
Project Cost$878,190
DeveloperBrad Barnett
Total MWBE$22,000
EBO Percent CTD1.00
Approval Date2015-12-16
Year Opened2016


CCDC Grant Details

Grant ProgramStorefront Improvement Grant
Grant RecipientLoflin, LLC
Grant Amount$18,425
Grant StatusClosed
Grant Approval DateDecember 16, 2015
Grant Approval Close DateApril 29, 2016
Grant MWBE Est$6,700

CCDC Loan Details

Loan ProgramDevelopment Loan
Loan RecipientBrad Barnett
Loan Amount$47,000
Loan StatusClosed
Loan Approval DateDecember 16, 2015
Loan Approval Close DateApril 29, 2016
Loan MWBE Est$47,486