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St Mary's Accessory Buildings

Category: Projects

St Mary's Accessory Buildings

700 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN

Structural repairs to the bell tower and cathedral roof are underway along with some accessibility improvements. Support is being requested for the second phase of work to improve the accessory structures. The subject structures include Martyr’s Hall, Sister’s Chapel, and Moody Wing. They are interconnected and east of the large, principle structure of the cathedral. The hall and the chapel are shared meeting spaces. Moody Wing is a leasable space that would work well for an education/daycare facility or small offices.

Project Cost$76,000
DistrictOutside CBID
DeveloperAndrew Pouncey & Scott Blake
StatusUnder Construction
Approval Date2023-06-21
Expected Completion2024


CCDC Grant Details

Grant ProgramGood Neighbor Grant
Grant RecipientAndrew Pouncey
Grant Amount$25,000
Grant StatusApproved
Grant Approval DateJune 21, 2023