Report Graffiti and Neglect

Downtown Memphis Commission helps with graffiti removal and monitors and reports other violations in Downtown to the responsible agency, but we need your help! Please help keep Downtown a clean, safe and attractive place to be by reporting graffiti, neglected property and code violations to the appropriate authority!

Overflowing dumpster: Health Department, 901-222-9000

Dangerous signs or awning: Code Enforcement, 901-379-4200

Damaged bench or trash container: Property Maintenance, 901-576-4776

Street light out: MLGW, 901-320-1497

Dead tree, broken limbs, weeds, trash: Grounds Maintenance, 901-576-4746

Broken sewer drain or clogged street drain: Drain Maintenance, 901-526-0237

Damaged sidewalks: Sidewalk Inspector, 901-729-2462

Broken curbs: Street Maintenance, 901-324-3891

Traffic / crosswalk light out: Signal Maintenance, 901-528-2844

Damaged traffic or street sign: Sign Shop, 901-528-2937

Broken fire hydrant Fire Department, 901-320-5380

Damaged mailbox: USPS, 901-275-8777