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100 N Main – RFP Questions & Answers

Who currently owns the property?

The property is owned by the Downtown Mobility Authority (DMA), an affiliate of the Downtown Memphis Commission (DMC).

Is the 1965 tower considered a historic building?

Yes. The 1965 tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The nomination form is available HERE.

What are the repercussions of demolishing the existing 100 N Main building to build new construction? Is demolition even an option?

The RFP and evaluation criteria demonstrate a clear preference for the adaptive reuse of the existing buildings on site. The DMC generally believes that historic preservation and adaptive reuse are important strategies for building an authentic Downtown Memphis. The DMC embraces our unique sense of place as a distinct competitive advantage.

Although not the preference of the DMC, proposals that include demolition of the existing buildings, in whole or in part, will also be considered.

Who will make the ultimate decision about the RFP?

The Downtown Mobility Authority (DMA) is the owner of the property and will make the final decision regarding disposition of the property. An RFP Review Committee has been created made up of DMC staff, key stakeholders, public sector partners, and board members. That Committee will work collaboratively with DMC Staff to present a formal recommendation to the DMA Board of Directors.

Will the submitted proposals be a matter of public record?

Yes. It is our expectation that formal proposals submitted will be made public at some point in the process. The detailed proposals will be kept confidential prior to the identification of a shortlist and preferred proposal.

Is there any flexibility on the submittal deadline?

No. Proposals must be submitted by 1:00 PM CST on August 31, 2021.

Can I make a proposal on just part of the site? For example, can I make an offer on the 4 historic buildings or the parking lot at the south half of the site?

Not at this time. DMC’s priority is to find a single developer or project team to develop the entire site in a comprehensive way.

What steps in the process happen after the RFP submission deadline?

All responses submitted by the posted deadline will be reviewed by DMC staff for completeness. All complete proposals will be reviewed by the full RFP Review Committee in September/October 2021. That review will likely yield a shortlist for interviews. The Committee will work to identify a finalist after completing the interviews in October – December 2021. The DMC and finalist will negotiate a period of time for due diligence as part of the Development Agreement negotiations.

Is there a minimum purchase price?

None specified. However, the RFP Evaluation Criteria will include the “financial benefits to the City of Memphis & Shelby County including payment for the acquisition of the site, incremental tax revenues, job creation, and any secondary financial impacts.”

Will there be any improvements or upgrades made in the mechanical room?

With this RFP, the DMC is looking for development proposals to bring a vacant, blighted building back to life. As of now, the building most likely needs a complete renovation. There are no working systems in the building. We have no information to suggest that the mechanical systems are in good working order. The developers submitting RFP responses will determine what their mechanical system needs will be depending on their proposed use and design plans.

Do you have any additional information about the four historic buildings on Main Street?

In May 2021, the DMC hired Davis Patrikios Criswell, a local engineering firm, to complete a preliminary assessment of the structural condition of 80-88 N. Main. The scope was limited to a structural observation report aimed at determining the safety of visiting the buildings with prospective developers. While not intended to be a full or comprehensive study, the 80-88 N. Main Structural Engineering Assessment Report may still be useful due to the extensive photographs and preliminary conclusions. Click HERE to download the report. We do not have any additional information about the 80-88 N. Main buildings at this time beyond that report. Some additional parcel information can be found on the Shelby County Register of Deeds website at

Do you have a property survey to share?

The DMC has not prepared a survey since acquiring the property. The previous owners provided various plans and studies as part of the property transfer. Included in those documents is a Preliminary Unsigned Survey for reference. The DMC makes no guarantee or warranty as to its accuracy or completeness. Click HERE to download the Preliminary Survey.

Is the loading/access to the 100 Main building currently at the south side of the building?

Yes. The loading dock is currently located on the south side of the building, adjacent to the public alley.