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February 26, 2016

12 noon | Friday, February 26th, 2016



12:00 pm

114 North Main Street

I. Call to Order, Chairman Lundy

II. Approval of December 17, 2015 Meeting Minutes , Chairman Lundy

III. Chair’s Report, Chairman Lundy

IV. 2015 Year End Diversity Report, Mr. Jaske Goff

V. President’s Report and Discussion, Mr. Terence Patterson

  • Marketing Dept. Monthly Highlights, Ms. Leslie Gower
  • Operations Dept. Monthly Highlights, Mr. Jerome Rubin
  • Planning & Development Dept. Monthly Highlights, Mr. Jaske Goff
  • DMC Financial Report, Ms. Jennifer Oswalt

VI. New Business/Adjournment, Chairman Lundy


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