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Development Diversity Incubator

DDI helps emerging developers learn about what it takes to put together a successful development. This program is offered in partnership with RegionSmart’s Emerging Developers programs.

Participants receive a comprehensive curriculum and gain experience working together on a real-world project.  Participants further their careers by learning directly from real estate mentors about the challenges and opportunities in the local industry and applying lessons to a project as their group devises plans for development on a specific site. Each team will produce a site plan, a proforma, and a marketing plan.

Who Should Apply?

  • The ideal participant will be working in the real estate industry, have an undergraduate degree or equivalent experience, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
  • People working in the real estate industry and interested in becoming a Developer and/or Owner of projects.
  • Those working in the real estate industry who want to understand the big picture of real estate development.

Eligibility and Cost

  • Participation in the program requires an application. This class is not taught at a 101 level, so one to two years of full-time work in the real estate industry is required. Exceptions are considered for applicants who demonstrate an applicable community role, a high level of motivation, or a higher level of real estate knowledge and experience. Recommendation letters or personal statements are required for exceptions.
  • Anyone can apply, but preference is given to people of color and women.
  • 100% attendance is required.
  • Registration is $100 payable upon acceptance to the program. Financial awards may be available for unique circumstances.

Participation Selection

An ad hoc committee will select the class participants. As part of their application, individuals are asked to self-rank their real estate experience as one of the following:

  • Advanced: Currently working in the real estate industry with a minimum of 5 years of full-time experience. Very familiar with real estate concepts/ideas.
  • Intermediate: Currently working in the real estate industry with 2-4 years of full-time experience (construction, architect, broker, etc.). Demonstrated knowledge of real estate concepts/ideas.
  • Beginner: Some knowledge of real estate, but eager to learn more. Must demonstrate knowledge of real estate concepts/ideas and how they will apply the knowledge gained through their personal statement and reference letters.

The DDI program is competitive, and in cities that have offered the program for several years, it is typical for people to apply multiple times before being accepted. Not everyone who is qualified is accepted. Class sizes range from 20-30 people, and the final number is based on having 3 balanced “development teams” within the class.

Participant Benefits

  • Mentoring and Education valued at $15,000.
  • Connecting with a network of allied professionals.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Textbooks: Building Small – A Toolkit for Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Civic Leaders, and Great Communities ($50 value)

2023 Class is Complete! Stay tuned for 2024 Dates