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Garage Safety

The following safety measures are practiced at all of the DMC operated garages:

The DMC is committed to increasing the safety of our Downtown parking systems. Together with Premium, we have created a set of safety standards that we follow in all of our garages*:

  • Each DMA Garage has dedicated 12-hour security staff in a marked vehicle. Hours change depending on the time of the year but usually fall between a starting time of 5-7 p.m. and end-of-shift occurring 5-7 a.m.
  • Each DMA Garage has License Plate Recognition Cameras allowing our team to have real-time access when a plate is entering/exiting a facility
  • Each DMA Garage has active security cameras with remote login capabilities allowing our team to view all cameras even while not on-site
  • Real-Time Crime Center data to land on security coverage times for our locations

DMC Operated Garages/Lot

  • Shoppers’ Garage
  • First Place Parking
  • Gayoso Garage
  • 250 Peabody Place
  • 81 N Second Surface Lot
  • *Criminal Justice Garage – safety practices are not in place at this garage, due to heavy police and sheriff presence in the garage.