Mobility Center RFQ Questions

Q. Can the CMAR self-perform work on the project as long as it is bid, or is it the intent that the CMAR cannot self-perform any of the work?
A. Self-performing of the work is acceptable, provided the CMAR bid all scope of work, and meet the EBO requirements.

Q. Concerning the Fee structure, are you looking for a percentage? Not real clear on how best to respond to this.
A. Pre-construction/Estimate Phase shall be priced as a lump sum price.
The Construction / Guaranteed Maximum Price phase, shall be priced as a percent of the estimated total construction cost. To provide a baseline for comparative proposal price analysis for the purpose of this RFP, assume an estimated total construction cost of $40 million.

Q. In the DMC’s EBO program, it indicates that an EBO form A or B must be submitted with the RFQ. Is one of these forms required? If so, where/how can you get it?
A. The actual forms that are included in the DMC’s EBO Program Document are not required as part of RFQ submissions. However, all responses should include plans and/or assurances for EBO compliance, MWBE inclusion, and meeting or exceeding DMC’s diversity participation goal of 25%.

Q. In our response, you mention a letter of intent. Does this need to be an actual letter or simply provide the information as part of our sectional response?
A. A letter of intent should accompany the response.

Q. The Project Timeline chart on Page 6 of the RFP indicates that construction will begin at the end of March 2021. but does not indicate a timeline for the completion of the design documents. Please advise if the design documents are intended to be completed with adequate time remaining to obtain the required building permits prior to the anticipated date to start construction.
A. The anticipated schedule is for the documents to be completed with permit available at the end of Q1 2021. The selected CMAR will be involved with developing the final schedule with DMC and the design team.

Q. Can you please provide the current Revit model to aid in the proposal preparation?
A. The model will not be made available.