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Downtown Pre-Development Assistance Grant

The Downtown Memphis Pre-Development Assistance Grant is a program offered by the Center City Development Corporation (CCDC). This grant is designed to help cover pre-development costs for properties within the Central Business Improvement District (CBID). The goal of the grant is to accelerate Downtown property development by providing financial support during the early stages of project development.

Eligible Uses

  • Examples of eligible pre-development work include:
    • Market studies
    • Financial modeling
    • Professional design work, including architecture and engineering
    • Site assessment, including environmental tests and structural assessment

Funding Priority

  • Funding priority will be given to properties within the DMC’s identified priority areas:
    • The Downtown Core
    • Targeted Retail Nodes
    • BuildDowntown Signature Streets
  • Priority will also be given to historic structures

Grant Amount

  • Up to $5000 per project
  • Program limited to $50,000 annually

Pre-Development Grant Resources:

Pre-Development Grant Application