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Center City Development Corporation

The Center City Development Corporation (CCDC) is a nonprofit entity with a nine-member volunteer board, including the chair, vice chair, and secretary of the DMC Board, and six others appointed by the Downtown Memphis Commission.

Chartered by the City of Memphis, Shelby County, and the State of Tennessee, the CCDC promotes redevelopment and combats deterioration in the Central Business Improvement District (CBID). Additionally, the CCDC acts to expand employment opportunities, increase personal income, establish and finance business ventures, coordinate governmental planning, promote housing development, and promote the common good and general welfare of the Core City.

The CCDC acts as a developer for key Downtown projects and offers low-interest development loans to property owners who renovate, redevelop, or stabilize properties in the CBID.

Current CCDC Incentives

  • Downtown Memphis Development Loan
  • Downtown Pre-Development Assistance Grant
  • Exterior Improvement Grant (EIG) Program
  • Retail Tenant Improvement Grant Program
  • Good Neighbor Grant

Current CCDC Board Members

  • Anton Mack, Chair
  • Dacquiri Baptiste
  • Kevin Brewer
  • Elizabeth Low – DMC Board Secretary
  • Tanja Mitchell
  • Benjamin Orgel – DMC Board Chair
  • Carl Person
  • Angel Price